We have the following departments in our store, selling a variety of goods. Not all items listed are available every day.

bullet Appliances
bullet Large appliances
bullet Dryers
bullet Freezers
bullet Ranges
bullet Refrigerators
bullet Washers
bullet Small appliances
bullet Blenders
bullet Bread makers
bullet Coffeemakers
bullet Microwave ovens
bullet Mixers
bullet Toaster ovens
bullet Toasters
bullet Babies/Childrens Clothing:
bullet Baby furniture and equipment
bullet Children's clothing & shoes
bullet Infant clothing & shoes
bullet Teen clothing
bullet Toddler clothing & shoes
bullet Books:
bullet Children's books
bullet Cookbooks
bullet Hardback books
bullet Magazines
bullet Paperback books
bullet Other
bullet Boutique - the Boutique is a special section of the store that sells a variety of goods that are new or nearly new at a price slightly higher than the rest of the store. It includes clothing and household items.
bullet Wedding gowns
bullet Formal wear
bullet Collectibles - housed in the Boutique and priced according to their collectibility
bullet Hardware - An assortment of nails, screws, bathroom & kitchen fixtures, etc.
bullet Electronics
bullet Computers and computer peripherals
bullet Household items that operate on electricity, including small appliances
bullet Radios, TV's
bullet Entertainment:
bullet Cassette recordings
bullet Computer software and games
bullet DVD's
bullet Eight track tapes
bullet LP albums and 45 RPM records
bullet Music CD's
bullet Sheet music
bullet VHS tapes
bullet Furniture
bullet Household furniture
bullet Rugs
bullet Jewelry - A variety of pins, earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, etc.
bullet Ladies Clothing:
bullet Belts, purses
bullet Blouses and tops
bullet Dresses
bullet Lingerie and undergarments
bullet Pants
bullet Shoes
bullet Linens
bullet Bed linens
bullet Cloth remnants
bullet Patterns and accessories
bullet Table linens
bullet Throw pillows
bullet Yarn
bullet Luggage - Includes luggage as well as tote bags and backpacks.
bullet Mens Clothing:
bullet Belts
bullet Jackets
bullet Pajamas
bullet Pants
bullet Shirts
bullet Shoes
bullet Ties
bullet Underwear
bullet Pet items
bullet Sports items
bullet Exercise equipment
bullet Golf equipment
bullet Tennis equipment
bullet Toys
bullet Dolls
bullet Games
bullet Puzzles
bullet Riding toys
bullet Stuffed animals
bullet What Nots - decorating items, baskets, floral items, vases, pictures, frames, etc.