Faith Hope and Charity Recycle Store had very humble beginnings. It started in 1978 with three couples from the First United Methodist Church (then Watkins Memorial United Methodist Church) who decided to sell vegetables on the town square to raise money to start a Christian Learning Center.

Then the Mission Committee invited the gardeners and farmers in our area to bring their extra produce and sell it on the town square. This became such a success that clothing and household items began to be donated to the committee for resale and the operation moved to the church basement.

The committee set a goal of $1,200 to establish a Christian Learning Center adjacent to Gilmer High School. Donations poured in and the goal for the Christian Learning Center became a reality. This small endeavor grew into helping the needy Gilmer County citizens.

“Volunteers Serving the Community with Compassion  and Understanding while Providing Hope to those in Need”

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We are always in need of good volunteers to help with our operation. Contact our Store Manager, Marcia Phillips, if you are interested in volunteering.

Our Story

In January 1991, the recycle store moved out of the church and into a 2,500 sq. foot rented space on Dalton Street. Shortly our store needed more floor space and leased the remaining one-half of that building doubling its space. Selling the donations of used items enabled the store to contribute monthly to such agencies as the Adult Learning Center, Community Action, Family & Children’s Services, Gilmer Food Pantry, Ga. Mountains Hospice and the Christian Learning Center. Additionally, the store began to financially aid individual hardship cases needing assistance for such items as rent, utilities, heating bills, medicine and other emergencies. A policy was put into place to help disaster victims with household necessities and supplying clothing to those in need.
By early 2002 our store had outgrown this 5,000 sq. foot facility. We leased the 15,000 sq. foot building at 320 Maddox Drive and incorporated into Faith Hope and Charity Recycle Store, Inc. We are now operating as a 501c-3 non-profit corporation under IRS rules, and are not affiliated with any church as our volunteers come from all denominations. We have continued to grow and raise more money to use for the needy of Gilmer County.

Our facility on Maddox Drive became too small. We needed more floor space for merchandise and a larger parking lot. We purchased 24,000 sq. feet of space and moved into our present facility in March of 2006. We started out using 16,000 sq. feet of space and then expanded to allow for a separate area for assistance interviews and more sorting and pricing room. In November of 2008, we opened a warehouse annex in our remaining space to house furniture, large appliances, and building materials.

ALL monies after expenses go to assist the needy of Gilmer County. We strive to increase the quality of life of our fellow Gilmer County citizens with our money and provide a place to shop for clothes and household items at greatly reduced prices.

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