In our store

Inside our Store

Inside Store and Jewelry Department
Book Department – Paperbacks, hardbacks, Children’s books, cookbooks, and magazines
Toy Department – Stuffed animals, dolls, games, puzzles, mechanical toys, etc.

Entertainment Department – Videos, CDs, DVDs, Cassette tapes, Records, Computer Software

Boutique – with new and nearly new merchandise
Formal Wear
Wedding Gowns
Children’s Clothing
Children’s Shoes
Pet Supplies
Pictures and Frames
Ladies’ Blouses
Ladies’ Dresses
Ladies’ Pants
Ladies’ Seasonal Clothing
What Nots and Floral
Ladies’ Shoes and Bags
Men’s Pants
Men’s Shirts
Men’s Shoes
Ladies’ Lingerie and Undergarments
Baby Furniture and Accessories

Furniture and Exercise Equipment
(In Warehouse Annex)

Small Appliances
(In Warehouse Annex)

Lamps – In Warehouse Annex
Items for the Handicapped – walkers, walking sticks, etc.
Sporting Goods – Golf clubs, tennis racquets, etc.
Fixtures – In Warehouse Annex
Linens – Throw Pillows
Bed Linens